COVID-19 update Monday 4th January 2021

Scottish Government update:

Following the recent Scottish Government announcement regarding Covid-19 lockdown restrictions we will be making some changes to our working day. We have a duty of care to both our staff and our customers. This will mean supporting our customers remotely as the Glasgow office Team will be working from home where ever possible. We have invested time and money to ensure that our services continue as normal as possible during this time.

We would like to ask you for your patience as there may be a delay in the answering of telephones. Our main office lines will be diverted to company issued secure mobile phones and the team have been issued with secure company laptops that are integrated to our systems and are all managed within the OMNIO GROUP secure systems. We realise that at times there could be a delay in answering your queries, In this case we request that where ever possible you contact the Support Team through email at Each member of the Team has access to their company mobile number and email. The office number will be answered directly via diverted call process on 0141 420 1010.

The current customer support number 0141 420 1010 will be answered via a call direct process from BT and answered by a member of the Team working remotely.

We would like to take this time to apologise to you for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

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Over 80% of the UK’s Credit Union members are administered by Curtains

As a successor to Curtains for Windows we embarked on a development to exploit advances in PC and Server technology. The result is an extremely powerful and robust application for cutting edge credit unions. Curtains Too The SQL is a multi user accounting system which includes automated Direct Credit postings, Universal Credit management, SMS functionality, ledgers and more.

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Let your members administer their accounts online, with security and ease. Loan applications, share withdrawals, membership applications with integrated IDV can all be done from home.

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