Available to your members 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Unlike your company's office that may be open from 9-5, Monday thru Friday, your website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that your member can access their account any time of day via the 'Members' Area' which offers a plethora of functions. You can view the demonstration Members' Area here.

LACE Curtains + Lending Platform

LACE is our new Lending with Automated Credit Evaluation platform. Member's can apply to join, borrow or join and borrow via a simple application process, usable on any device. LACE will evaluate each application by automatically passing them through our sophisticated decision engine, completely configurable by the credit union and present the applications to staff within an easy to use workflow tool, to manage each case to fruition. Save hours of staff time reviewing loan applications by letting LACE do the hard and laborious tasks. Exactly what a system should do for you.

Click here to view the Lending Platform demo site

Click here to download the LACE overview document

Mobile Banking Web Application

Give your members a little of the credit union in their pocket.

Click here to download our Web App presentation.

Click here to download our Web App order form.

Members' Area

Balance and transaction enquiries

Your members can see the balance on each of the products that they have with the credit union. And for each of those products, the last forty transactions is viewable.

Downloadable forms

Your members can download and print any documents you make available to them rather than having to post or email them out. e.g. Change of address, change of beneficiary etc

Loan applications

Your members can complete an online form to apply for a loan with the credit union.

The information submitted by the member can be imported directly into Curtains with the click of a button!

Loan calculator

Your members can see based on a loan value and term, the expected repayment value. Depending on the amount the member is looking to borrow, differing interest rates can be applied

My Information

Your members can update their contact and login information

My Inbox

From the 'KeshoWeb' software (web site administration software) you can send individual and/or bulk message to your members. This can be a useful tool for sending marketing material or for chasing up a member in arrears etc.

My Documents

Once you have approved a loan application you can upload the 'Loan Agreement' to the members online documents.

Withdrawal Request

Your members can request funds to be withdrawn from a nominated share account to be paid by BACS. This information submitted by the member can be imported directly into Curtains with the click of a button! Curtains shall reject requests whereby there are insufficient funds on the nominated account. Payments to banks not already associated with the members account maintenance, shall be flagged up to you via the exceptions report.

Statement request

For most members, access to the last forty transactions is sufficient; however, they can opt to request a full statement to be sent via email/post.

Mobile Members' Area

A scaled down version of the online 'Members' Area' compatible with all Smartphone's. No need to download an "app", your member simply browses to your 'Members' Area' login and they are seamlessly re-directed to the mobile friendly site.

Membership joining form with integrated ID verification

Sign up new members with an online joining form and import that information directly into Curtains with the click of a button! You can also collect membership / administration fees via your Merchant Services with integrated Debit Card payments.

The ID verification is provided by GB Group. Your membership application can be automatically checked and the PASS/REFER/FAIL status reported back to the credit union.