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Have you thought about upgrading to Curtains Too?

Here's a few reasons why you might... Click on any of the benefits below to find out more about how Curtains Too can impact your Credit Union's day to day administration.

Direct credits‟ is the term applied to funds that arrive directly into the credit union‟s bank account on behalf of members. Traditionally this applied to standing orders initiated by the members, but more recently has become associated with benefit payments being paid into the members‟ credit union accounts, either as shares/savings or to service loans. Automatically process thousands of transactions at the click of a button.

If your credit union handles vast sums of cash in terms of receipts and withdrawals, then this chapter will be of great importance to your organisation. One of the pivotal features within Curtains Too the SQL is the cash monitoring system we term Treasury management. This is a means of monitoring floats held with individual tellers as well as other cash held on the premises. This feature also caters for multiple branch operation.

Send your members text messages displaying their balances automatically from Curtains Too. Members can also text to request an automated lsit of balances..

Simple reversal of transactions/loan allocations that wont show up on members statements

All DWP Monthly / Quarterly / Delinquency reporting can be done automatically from the Curtains Too program.

Scan images into Curtains from the program itself and keep digital records of members correspondance / important documents

Create and complete your Inland Revenue Returns at the click of a button

Get a better understanding of your membership with the many in depth Marketing tools found in Curtains Too.

Curtains Too can work alongside your website and easily import loan applications/share withdrawal requests/membership applications etc directly into the Curtains Too program

Send your members emails/letters from the Curtains Too system.

As an extension to the nominal ledger, Curtains Too the SQL offers a comprehensive purchase ledger. All six related programs (Supplier Maintenance, Purchase Invoice Posting, Purchase Cash Posting, Supplier Enquiry, Age of Debt Report, Audit Reports) are located under a single menu heading.

In depth Credit Control facility allows you to keep a close eye on members arrears, send letters, update diary entries for those members behind on their repayments

A security measure which can keep tabs on all user activity on the system, and log any changes to members accounts made by staff

Create a Hierarchy of users on Curtains Too, allowing access to certain programs within the system based on user Priorities

A useful enquiry tool which allows you to search transactions based on various criteria against the members audit, transactions, and nominal.

Seamless integration with your Current Account

Seamless Debit Card integration

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